My interests and experience are in database systems and applications, in particular, data management in the cloud (transaction processing and key-value stores) and database usability (making it easier to use and do analytics on databases). I also have research experience in mobile computing, information extraction, and database on novel hardware.

I work at Google as a software engineer on system infrasturcture, focusing on large scale and high performance data management. Before moving to Google in Dec 2013, I was a data management researcher at NEC Laboratories America in Silicon Valley. I received Ph.D. in Spring 2011 in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where I worked with Prof. H.V. Jagadish. Previously, after a brief detour at Tsinghua University, I went to HKUST (BEng in CE and MPhil in CS, with minor in Math).

Professional Activities

  • Program Committee: VLDB'2014 (Research Track), EDBT'2014 (Industrial Track), CIKM'2013 (Database Track), EDBT'2013, WISE (2013, 2012), VLDB 2011 (Research Track).
  • Journal Reviewer: Review board of PVLDB (2009, 2010), TKDE (2011, 2012), DKE (2012).


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